Money Truth

Air Date Description
12-20-14 Mike has a conversation with Todd Rogers 30 year Institutional Muni Bond Veteran.
12-13-14 John Pallaria Adjunct Professor at Boston University's CFP program discuss taxes and year end planning techniques.
12-6-14 Bret Jensen from and Daily columnist for Real Money Pro at talks the markets with Mike.
11-7-14 Bull or Bear: A conversation Ed Esterling from Crestmont Research
10-30-14 Bond Girl Chimes in on Interest Rate Outlook.
10-18-14 Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Bear, a recent conversation with Brad McMillan.
05-17-14 Tom Terranova, CPA and Terranova’s Tax Tips. Ethan Young on annuity pro’s and con’s. Elise Randazzo (Bond Girl) talks yield curve.
05-7-14 Mike and Jason discuss investment strategy, answer client life insurance questions, and discuss advantages and disadvantages of bundled and unbundled 401K plans.
04-19-14 Brad McMillan discusses current market conditions and outlook for 2014.